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2016/2017 Accomplishments

September 19 – MAN the Block

Several dads supported this national initiative by lining the streets as our Junior Academy students departed school for the day.  The dads high-fived students and provided them with a word of encouragement as they walked home for the day.


October 14th

All PRO Dads kicked off the year with our annual Donuts 4 Dads event with about 40 dads in attendance.  Topics discussed included:


•             Mentoring program for SA \ JA male students

•             Service in the community \ importance of getting our young people involved in volunteerism (Doug Williams)

•             Man on the Block national initiative at JA (Kevin Harper)

•             Legal Day – leverage the 4 judges and numerous attorneys with students at Drew (Chris Ward)

•             Psychological fitness of our youth \ the value of resilience; teach and expose our parent to these skill sets (Richard Harris)

•             Cub Scout involvement; model some of the skills and behaviors from the Cub Scouts in other areas (Milan Turner, I believe)

•             Explore peer led mentoring (and other) groups; Paideia is a good model to mirror (Jay Madison and John?)


Later that afternoon, we conducted our first mentoring session with our Senior Academy Young Men which featured Dominique Ross who is a former NFL football player with the Dallas Cowboys.


October 27th

About a dozen men (including dads and administrators) conducted the first session exclusively designed for our Senior Academy Young Men.  Each of the dads gathered in smaller groups of young men and had meaningful conversations about their futures including college plans and career aspirations.


November 4th 

Welcomed The Black Man Can Institute to speak to about 250 Senior Academy young men about Excellence.  There were 8-10 speakers who spoke for about 10 minutes each.  There was high energy during the event and our young men left enthusiastic about their futures.


November 18th 

Conducted our annual Breakfast With Dads and had over 150 dads along with their children in attendance.  We had a small program highlighted by breakfast from Chick-fil-A.















February 3rd

Continued our mentoring series with Senior Academy Young Men.  There were about 200 students and dads in attendance and breakfast was sponsored by the Drew Dads \ PTA.


March 31st

Conducted our initial monthly session for our Junior Academy Young Men.  The main focus was to engage them in meaningful conversations.  We introduced them to the forum, celebrated their successes so far, and provided encouragement to keep working towards their goals.

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