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Faculty Spotlight

The PTA Spring 2017 Spotlight is on our SA Dean, Kendrick Myers.

Tell us about yourself and your family. What do you like to do for fun?


As a husband and father, my foundation continues to be family (my own and others).  My wife and I were both born and raised in Toledo, Oh where we met as friends 17 years ago. We have four children (2 boys and 2 girls); Kashawn (12), Kendrick (10), Kaelyn (9), Kensley-Morgan (2). This is my 10th year in education, and my 5th year as an administrator. I began teaching high school English in 2007 after receiving my Bachelor's degree from Alabama State University. Following my second Master's (from Auburn University), I became the Assistant Principal at Opelika High School, serving that community for four years before coming to Drew.


We love to travel and spend time with family friends. We often spend time playing sports together (mainly myself and the boys) or at a dance class, lesson, or performance (mainly or all my wife and daughters). Either way we enjoy each other's company travelling, dancing, or playing sports.


Where did you go to high school and college?


I went to high school in Toledo, OH at Jesup W. Scott. I received my Bachelor's from Alabama State University, my first Masters from Auburn University of Montgomery, and my subsequent Masters as well as my Ed.S from Auburn University.


As our first graduating class heads off to college, what does an exemplary Drew Charter graduate look like to you?


An exemplary Drew graduate is well-rounded - academically and socially. He or she understands the purpose and importance of selflessness. An exemplary Drew graduate pursues ambitious goals with persistence and confidence. More importantly, he or she measures success by the positive impact he or she has on others through consistent action, undying commitment, and undeniable trustworthiness.


As the first Dean of Drew Charter's Senior Academy, what impact do you hope to have?


It is important that as the first Dean for the Senior Academy that I set a precedent of excellence - not for myself but for the position. That the Dean of Drew Charter Senior Academy is committed to students and families. The goal and purpose of the role is to continue to shape and grow the culture, character, and community; it is to encourage academic and instructional goals so that collectively we are always striving to break the mold. I hope that students and families feel that this role is doing that through effective communication, character building, and consistency. My goal is that this work will build the way students and teachers think about education and schools. We must all aspire to be a part of a community that does what is best for kids and that does it together.


What excites you the most about being Dean of the Senior Academy?


What excites me most is bigger than what we have accomplished but what we will accomplish. We have grown so much over the course of this year and have an auspicious future in front of us. I am elated about the potential of our students, teachers, and our school community. We will excel to great heights and what that means for students and families is enough for any educator to be extremely proud.

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