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November 2015








Volunteer Spotlight:  PTA Parent Volunteers! 
LaMetrica Andrews, Aungelique Proctor, Odette Taylor, Andrea Waters-Winston, Kelly Clemons, Sutanya Wright, Dawn Bradley-Cooper.  (left to right) Not Pictured: Kim Sykes, Andrea Clark, Stephan Clemons, Chris Andrews, Lisa Cox, Paul Cox, Angela Burkes-Greer, Gabrielle Fulton Ponder, & Keli Jones, Barry Jones & Joi Blanding.


The Drew Parent 2015 Homecoming Committee started with a group of four moms, including a PTA VP, Andrea, contemplating what Homecoming was like for them as teenagers.  Sports, crowns, dancing, and general fall fun.  How could parents help to recreate this atmosphere for students with Drew’s teachers and staff for 2015 when the high school is so new?

     The parents worked over the summer and involved the students when school started.  The students chose the theme, A Night in the Spotlight and a sporting event, a teacher verses student basketball game.  The parent Homecoming Committee met weekly and doubled in size to include eight mothers who wanted to help to create special memories for Drew’s first high school students. 

     A tradition must start somewhere.  These moms helped to plant and nurture traditions.  The group hopes to support a Prom dance this spring and to again support Homecoming festivities next year.  Why did the group choose to do the culminating events, the parade and dance, during Fall Festival?  They wanted to use the sense of fun and festiveness and get the whole Drew Eagle community involved in Homecoming week. 

     The Homecoming Committee is in a competition sponsored by Cricket Wireless.  Contact Andrea for more info or to help at


Let's Hear it for the Bees (Teacher Spotlight)


Joey Konieczny, Drew High School teacher, received a PTA Teacher Grant for his bee keeping program this year.  This year is the second year of the bee keeping or apiary program at Drew Charter.  The apiary club at Drew currently has one hive and plans to obtain bees for this hive in the spring.  The hive will be located south of the teacher parking lot at the Upper Academy, next to the water retention pond. The entrance to the hive will face east toward the East Lake golf course.  The club hopes to get their own colony of bees established and to offer tours to all Drew Charter's students and community members.  


The club took a field trip to the East Lake Community Gardens to tour their apiary and hopes this visit will become a partnership between the two apiaries.  Any Senior Academy student can sign up for the Bee Keeping Club and all are welcome! A volunteer secured the donation of a hive and helped to arrange the field trip.  


Bad news: no honey this year!  The first year of a hive's existence, the bees need all of the honey, but maybe next year students can help to extract honey.  Students will also do regular checks to make sure the colony is healthy.


Why is Mr. Konieczny interested in bee keeping at Drew?  His parents keep bees and he has kept a hive himself for the past three years. He says, "You can take the boy off of the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the boy!" The PTA is certainly glad that he is here to spread apiary love.


Email Mr. Konieczny with any questions or to volunteer at



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