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2014/2015 School Year Teacher Feature


SA teachers, Ms. Beth White and Mr. Reginald O’Neill, co-teach a course new to Drew called Innovation and Design in the Community. This isn’t your standard high school course either. Ms. White and Mr. O’Neill created this course after the last school year, when their individual classes collaborated on a project to create a remote controlled lawn mower for a disabled member of the East Lake community. The collaboration worked so well that the two requested that their classes be combined this school year to create a course co-taught by both teachers simultaneously.  Mr. O’Neill and Ms. White consider themselves facilitators as they help to guide the students through the worlds of business, design, and entrepreneurship. Most recently, the students took part in the Atlanta Maker Faire where they sold scribble bots and 3D printer created rings; both very popular items at the festival. You will have your opportunity the purchase both items at the Fall Festival on October 25th.



September 2014 Teacher Feature

Shamika Williams

Drew 8th Grade Physical Science Teacher

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