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Drew Charter School 
PTA Staff/Teacher Grants 

The Drew Charter School PTA Grant program provides school staff (teachers, counselors, etc.) with financial support to enhance students’ educational experiences and the learning environment at Drew. [visit our website for more details about the program and eligibility] Applications are accepted three times this school year and are reviewed according to the schedule outlined below. All applicants receive verification of submission through Google.

Who is Eligible? 
Any staff member or volunteer sponsoring a school-approved student program is eligible. Student applications must be co-sponsored by a staff member who will be responsible for the funds. All applications must be approved by the academy principal of the applicant. 

What Can the Grant be Used for? 
Grants can be used to fund any experience, project, program, or idea that will directly or indirectly enhance the learning environment for Drew students in alignment with the school’s mission. Preference is given to projects that demonstrate alignment with the school’s current strategic plan and/or vision for equity. Examples of fundable expenses include materials and supplies, expenses for teacher training, costs associated with services provided to students or staff, and any other fees that may be associated with providing an experience or enriching the learning environment. Examples of expenses that are not appropriate for this grant would include travel expenses for a student trip, stipends for Drew teachers, or food for staff or students. Grants may be used to cover a funding gap in projects and activities that are partially funded through other sources (but not those opportunities that are fee-based for students—see the Opportunity Fund at Drew for resources to ensure ALL students are able to access trips and learning opportunities equitably). 

Grant funds cannot be used to purchase reinforcers/incentives, food, or compensation for regular staff. Feel free to reach out in advance to check on the appropriateness of a request. 

All applicants are required to use the funds as described in the application, within the time outlined in the application (or before the next grant application date). Unused funds by the next application period (or date set in the application) will be required to be returned to the PTA. 

Who Awards the Grant? 
A committee of the PTA (comprised of teachers, parents, and the executive director) reviews grants to make determinations, and all awards must be approved by the relevant academy principal prior to application submission. Denied applications that have been revised to meet the recommendations of the committee may be submitted for re-evaluation according to revision guidelines provided by the committee when applicable. Any staff member can reapply for a different proposal if denied but will not be awarded two grants in the same fiscal year. 

What Is the Timeline for Application? 
Applications are accepted three times this school year and are reviewed according to the schedule outlined below. All applicants receive verification of submission through Google.


Applications open: February 5, 2024

Deadline: Mach 1, 2024


Notification to applicants and awards distributed: March 15, 2024 

How Do I Apply? 
1. Submit a summary or description of your proposal to your academy principal and obtain WRITTEN permission to apply for funding (email is fine). This permission ensures that if funded, you have the necessary permissions to implement the project as described in your application. The principal may ask for you to clear your project with the campus engineer, IT, director of curriculum, or other staff. We will need the email or written approval from the principal showing that all permissions have been cleared. Take a screenshot or save this permission to upload in the application form. 
2. Join the PTA HERE. Take a photograph or screenshot of your valid membership to upload in the application form. 
3. Complete the application questions and upload your proof of membership and academy principal permissions HERE.

Grant Reporting 
If you are awarded a full or partial grant, you will complete a grant agreement and submit a check request or link to a shopping cart loaded with the items for which you applied. 
All applicants will be required to submit photographs of students using the program or materials funded, along with a brief explanation of the impact of the project, by the end of the semester in which the funds were awarded. 

Please direct any questions to 
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