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The Family Support and Resources PTA Committee is happy to launch the Drew Charter Uniform Exchange.

The intent behind the Drew Charter Uniform Exchange is to provide free gently-used school uniforms to any child who needs them, encourage children and families to think of others and the environment, and maybe even free up some closet space! 



Because Halloween is so close upon us we will be accepting Halloween costume donations, too!



I'm In! How Does it Work?


STEP 1. Express your interest in this short survey > CLICK HERE


STEP 2. Take some time to go through your kiddo's uniform items that they have either outgrown or don't wear anymore. Please launder any gently used (no holes/stains/missing buttons) items you wish to donate. Optional: Show some next-level love to your PTA Family Support Team, by bagging/sorting your donated uniforms by size/gender G (girls), B (boys), N (neutral)


STEP 3.  A PTA representative will be at the EA campus Oct 4-6 (Tue-Wed-Thur) from 7:30-8:15am

and 3:30-5:30pm, and at the YMCA picnic tables 3:30-4:30pm to receive uniform donations.


STEP 4. On October 22nd, at the PTA Fall Community Festival, look for the PTA Uniform Exchange table. We will have all donated uniforms bagged and ready to go for those who requested a specific swap, and any extras available for anyone who needs them.


We are looking forward to making this happen with the participation of our wonderful Drew community!

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