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Attendance Awareness Month

Did you know that September is Attendance Awareness Month? 
Having our children in school, on time, prepared, and ready to learn each school day is critical to their success. A partnership between families, teachers, staff, and children is critical. In September, we will spend a little time each week talking about ways to get an "A" in Attendance (spoiler: following the School Attendance Policy perfectly does not mean being in the building every day!) Through coordination with the PTA and our community partners, we are also going to celebrate attendance too! Stay tuned for information on how to win prizes each week and even qualify for an end of the month social. 


Here's how it will work:

The month of September will be broken into "attendance weeks,” starting with September 6th. Each week teachers, students, and parents who follow Drew's School Attendance/Tardy Policies will qualify for a raffle ticket. Drawings will take place each Monday for prizes. Teachers who take attendance according to school policy, students who have complied with attendance policies, and parents/guardians who get their children to school daily and on time will be eligible for prizes! Prizes include gas cards, gift cards, grocery gift cards, movie tickets, etc.  Please note: following the attendance policy means you are complying with the policy even if that means staying home when you are sick, quarantining when required, or having an excused absence/tardy. Those who make it through all 4 weeks will be eligible for a special social at the end of the month. You won't want to miss it!


Each week's the school newsletter will include helpful tips and unpack some of the specific policies you need to know to get an "A" in attendance at Drew.  While you can always find the attendance policy in the Student Handbooks, we've also pulled together a "Frequently Asked Questions" document to help answer some questions that arise regularly. Have a burning question about attendance right now? Email our School Attendance Specialist Mr. Antonio Brewer. 

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