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Equitable Dinners Atlanta_edited.jpg
Enjoy an evening of art and conversation for greater peace in our community, hosted by Drew Charter School's Student Equity Committee.


We will host a short panel discussion with guests from an array of communities that are working to end hate in any form and our students will premiere a short play that they have written for the event as well. This is an in-person event that will include conversations co-facilitated with our Drew students, members of our Parent Equity Committee and Equitable Dinners facilitators. This event is intended to provide an authentic space for conversation, understanding and compassion for all.


Dinner will be provided, but we invite guests to contribute, “potluck style”, to the meal with desserts or other side dish options (contributions are optional and not required for participation).


Join us for an engaging evening of art and meaningful conversations, brought to you by the dedicated students of our Student Equity Committee. Together, let's work towards building a more peaceful and inclusive community.
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